Pediatric dentistry

What is the problem?

Children’s teeth are more sensitive than those of adults, and may get damaged by trauma, disease, or failure to maintain proper oral hygiene. Regardless of whether the child has “baby teeth” or permanent teeth, when your children complain of pain or difficulty while eating or talking – it is possible that they are suffering from a dental problem, which needs to be treated promptly.

How is it solved?

At the family dental clinic led by Dr. Yosef Kowalsky, we have a special focus on children: Dr. Zehava Nevis, who has 20 years experience in dental treatment customized for children, will conduct a thorough examination. She will check the condition of the “baby teeth,” and will rigorously follow the development of new teeth. If necessary, she will perform necessary dental treatment in a pleasant atmosphere and will provide clear and calming explanations

What do we offer you?

  • Fluoride gel treatments
  • Fillings and root canal treatment for children
  • Emergency treatment in cases of injury or fall.

The clinic team of dentists is happy to serve you 🙂