Orthodontic care

What is the problem?

Numerous children and adults suffer from crooked teeth, malocclusion, and a prominent jaw. These are seemingly only dental aesthetic issues, but they can cause  – among other things –  more serious problems: tooth decay, gum disease, damage to teeth enamel and jaw deformities.

How is it solved?

We, at the family dental clinic led by Dr. Yosef Kowalsky, understand that when teeth are not aligned properly in the mouth, speech, chewing and self confidence are affected. Therefore, we recommend straightening teeth as early as possible. Dr. Naftali Nevis, a dentist with 20 years experience in orthodontics, will thoroughly diagnose the state of the teeth,  will construct a personally customized treatment program, and will monitor the progress of the treatment.

What do we offer you?

  • Classical orthodontic wire braces
  • A rear brace hidden in the mouth cavity
  • A unique brace that can be used during sleep at night

The clinic team of dentists is happy to serve you 🙂