Dental hygiene services

What is the problem?

You have probably heard already in the past, how important it is to look after your teeth and to maintain oral hygiene. That is correct. When teeth are not maintained properly and regularly, they may cause pain and discomfort. Some common medical conditions that may occur are tooth decay and gum disease, damage to tooth enamel, tooth discoloration or even bad breath (halitosis).

How is it solved?

At the family dental clinic led by Dr. Yosef Kowalsky, a team of dental hygienists is waiting for you, to assist you to in maintaining healthy teeth and healthy mouth. Our dental hygienists, together with the dentists, will diagnose the problem thoroughly and provide treatment to prevent future problems. Dental hygiene treatments are preventive preservative. It is always preferable to visit regularly– to prevent pain and discomfort.  Practically and economically – it is also advantageous, since a visit to the hygienist is faster and cheaper than other extensive dental treatments.

What do we offer you?

  • Teeth cleaning
  • X-rays
  • Control and prevention of tooth cavities
  • Customized personalized instructions for teeth brushing and oral hygiene

The team of oral hygienists of Dr Kowalsky’s clinic is happy to serve you 🙂