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The dental clinic of Dr Kowalsky aims to take care of your dental health from childhood through old age. We provide our patients with quality dental treatment in a warm and caring atmosphere. We want to provide you with healthy teeth and a healthy mouth for an entire lifetime. We provide the highest quality and most advanced dental care for the whole family. Our skilled team of dentists is passionate and wants to insure that our patients have a pleasant experience. In our modern and state-of-the-art clinic we provide all types of dental care. Whether you need periodical cleaning or complex rehabilitation by means of dental implants including All-on-4/6, our dental clinic can provide that in the most professional manner, in a relaxed environment.

Dr Kowalsky’s dental clinic

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Our Treatments

Same day dental implants using the All-on-4 technique.. This procedure has enjoyed high success rates. It is appropriate for all types of patients – patients see a significant improvement in quality of life.


Examinations and treatments especially dedicated to children, in a pleasant, cordial atmosphere, with calm and clear explanations, and with the least discomfort.


Rehabilitative dental treatments due to trauma, neglect, disease or old age, returning your mouth and teeth to full function aesthetic appeal.


Orthodontic treatment that is accurately and personally adapted to the facial and jaw structure, for the improvement of speech, eating and all around self-confidence, using various advanced techniques.


Professional and pleasant dental hygiene treatment, which maintains your dental health while preventing future dental problems, with personal instructions for proper dental care.


Dedicated and comprehensive treatment of all dental and gum problems, using advanced techniques, quality equipment and a caring atmosphere.



  • Is it possible to perform a dental implant in a single day?

    The answer is yes. Dr Kowalsky underwent personal training with Dr Paulo Malo of Portugal, who developed the All-on-4 technique, and he currently performs complete dental implants in one day.

  • At what age is it important to start dental care?

    The eruption of a baby’s first teeth, called “baby teeth”, occurs at about 6 months of age.  When a baby is 30-months  (two and a half) years old, his or her mouth already contains 20 teeth. At this stage it is recommended to conduct the first examination by a dentist experienced in treating infants and children, in order to insure that the teeth are growing properly and so that the parents can get guidance about oral hygiene and appropriate nutrition for the child. After the initial examination it is recommended to conduct a periodic checkup of the child’s teeth every six months.

    Dr. Zehava Nevis, who has more than 20 years of experience in dental care for children of all ages, is at your service in our clinic.

  • Are dental hygiene treatments essential?

    Dental hygiene treatment is essential for prevention of future dental health problems such as gum disease, cavities, teeth blackening and more. Prophylactic treatment is always preferable physically – to prevent pain and discomfort, as well as economically – to avoid expenses. A visit to the dental hygienist is faster and cheaper than the cost of other dental treatments. During periodical routine examinations every three months, you will also learn correct routine dental care and how to maintain daily oral hygiene.

  • Is it possible to have orthodontic treatment at any age?

    In principle, adults can receive orthodontic treatment at any age, providing they are in good health and ready to cooperate. However, with orthodontic treatment of adults, it is necessary to be careful to apply less pressure on the teeth in order to prevent bone damage (in contrast אם children and adolescents, whose bones are continuously being built). An additional limitation is with jaw alignment treatments, which in adults are less efficient if the jaw is unusually pronounced. Sometimes it is only possible to pull the teeth inwards, thus improving  appearance and function, without moving the jaws themselves. It is important that this treatment be performed by a qualified orthodontist, in order to ensure good results and as natural an appearance as possible.


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