Dental implant

What is the problem?

Your dental health may deteriorate over time, or due to failing health. The occurrence of situations in which teeth are missing or become loose, can cause discomfort while chewing and may  interfere with speech. The use of dentures can also worsen your condition – overtime, the bones of the jaw may progressively disintegrate due to the lack of teeth

How is it solved?

Here, at the family dental clinic led by Dr. Yosef Kowalsky, (who is highly experienced and has performed dental implants for 30 years), you can undergo an advanced dental implant in one day.  With a courteous and professional approach, Dr. Kowalsky will diagnose your dental condition through x-rays and examinations, and will construct, a personalized customized treatment program for you, insuring your return to safe daily functioning and an improved quality of life. This is all possible thanks to the All- on- 4 technique, which has revolutionized the field of dentistry.

The technique, which is based on only four implants, (and sometimes six in the All- on-6 version), makes it possible to load the jawbone with a new set of teeth all at once. Until recently, a dental implant was a complicated, expensive and long procedure since the treatment stages were separated from each other by a long period of time. This outdated therapeutic concept claimed that the body needs time to recover from the performance of each surgical procedure separately. Over time, many shortcomings of this technique have been revealed: living with prosthetics, health risks and a greater danger of infection in the oral cavity.

The revolution in the field of dentistry came, therefore, from a new technique, which was actually developed in a completely different medical discipline – orthopedics. The therapeutic approach in the field of orthopedics claims that it is necessary to reduce the number of traumas to the body by concentrating them, namely to perform one surgical procedure which includes all stages of dental implant. The body actually recovers more quickly when it experiences only one trauma. The technique used for dental implants in a single day is called “immediate loading”. Using it, the patient can obtain a new functional and healthy set of teeth, in only one day. The advantages of the technique do not relate only to the fact that it is no longer necessary to wait for a long period of time to improve the quality of life. Thanks to the All- on- 4 and All- on- 6 dental implant techniques, the jawbone is preserved. When there are not enough teeth attached to the jawbone, the body interprets that as a lack of a definite need for bone, and therefore absorbs the building materials of the bones and uses them elsewhere in the body. That is not a healthy situation. But when a dental implant is done, the attachment of the dental implants to the bone slows (and sometimes even stops) the damaging process of bone resorption.

The advanced technique of a dental implant in a single day has been performed by Dr. Kowalsky in his family clinic for years, and has experienced a very high success rate.

What do we offer you?

• A single tooth implantation

• Complete dental implant using the All- on-4 technique

• Complete dental implant using the All- on-6 and All- on-8 techniques

• Close monitoring and overseeing throughout the process and afterwards as well

Our clinic team of dentists is happy to serve you 🙂